April 17-20, 2014
Sheraton Gateway
Atlanta, GA

Veni, Vedi, Frolici.

We Came. We Saw. We Froliced. 2014 is done, and we’re looking forward to 2015. We welcome your continued feedback on how the convention was for you and ways we could improve. The official photographs from Frolicon 2014 will be up within a few weeks and announcements will be made.

Lost and Found

If you lost anything at the con this weekend you can contact me at the following email: security@frolicon.com. Please send the email with a detailed description of the item so that I may ensure that the item is yours and it is the correct one. Also include your real name and contact information so that we can discuss delivery of the item. Thank you so much.
~JustGeorge – Director of Security Operations

We frolic in the spring. That’s what we do. Frolic. We are Frolicon.
Think Virgin Sacrifices, live-action Candyland, Drag Queens, Art, Spanking, Sex, Massages, Pagan Rituals, and parties – lots and lots of parties!!
Whether you are interested in Educational Classes, Games, Rocky Horror, Dancing, Self Expression or one of the many other things that interest us all – come Frolic with us at Frolicon 2014! You just have to experience it for yourself!!

Check out the “Sexology Spotlight” on Frolicon, and see what The Sex Geeks had to say!

For this month’s Sexology Spotlight we talk to Pam Muller, one of the organizers of Atlanta’s sexiest conventions: Frolicon! (www.frolicon.com) She tells us how she got involved with the con, what it’s like to organize an event like Frolicon, and what Frolicon all has to offer, from dungeons to panels to spankable ass contests, oh my! Plus Amie’s Sex News showcases political butt plugs, a new reality show where people have sex live on stage, and the 12 things you need to be sexually satisfied!

Cupcakes and Courtiers Fundraiser Party

The word “Revolution” travels in whispered rumours.
Unrest grows. But still, the business of ruling a country must go on. And how else to rule but with all the opulence and grandeur of the Court of Versailles?
On Friday night, choose your role, don your mask and come to Court.
Are you here for the politics of war? The spectacle? The rumours? Did the queen really say “Let them eat cake?” Or perhaps you’d simply like to be tempted by a courtesan of the court.
Whatever your ambitions, the House of Alighieri and the Known World Pirates look forward to seeing them played out with that uniquely kinky flair that only you can provide.

The “Cupcakes and Courtiers” Masquerade Ball awaits you.
9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
Costumes are enjoyed.

The Court has donated the proceeds of the evening to the needs of our dear Lady Redwitch.
The cost of the event is $35 per person and includes cocktails, hor d’oeuvres,
and a souvenier glass by which to remember the evening.
Limit of 50 tickets, so get yours before they’re gone!

Update: Sorry Folks! The Cupcakes and Courtiers Party is sold out!

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