April 2-5, 2015
Sheraton Gateway
Atlanta, GA

We frolic in the spring. That’s what we do. Frolic.

We Are Frolicon.

Want to see the November 22nd Frolicon Staff Meeting?

Check it out here!

Link To November 22, 2014 Volunteer Meeting

Come celebrate 10 years of fetish, fraternization, foolishness and fun with your friends at Frolicon!
Think Virgin Sacrifices, live-action Candyland, Drag Queens, Art, Spanking, Sex, Massages, Pagan Rituals, and parties – lots and lots of parties!!
Whether you are interested in Educational Classes, Games, Rocky Horror, Dancing, Self Expression or one of the many other things that interest us all – come Frolic with us at Frolicon 2015! You just have to experience it for yourself!!

Purchase your 2015 Frolicon Memberships online now!

Check out the “Sexology Spotlight” on Frolicon from April 2014, and see what The Sex Geeks had to say!

For this month’s Sexology Spotlight we talk to Pam Muller, one of the organizers of Atlanta’s sexiest conventions: Frolicon! (www.frolicon.com) She tells us how she got involved with the con, what it’s like to organize an event like Frolicon, and what Frolicon all has to offer, from dungeons to panels to spankable ass contests, oh my! Plus Amie’s Sex News showcases political butt plugs, a new reality show where people have sex live on stage, and the 12 things you need to be sexually satisfied!

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