Our Photo policy may be the most asked question we receive. What exactly is the policy and why?

  • All open areas of the convention may be photographed by any attendee at any time. If you don’t want to be seen in a picture – cover up. Many people wear masks when walking around the more public areas for just that reason.
  • The rules of respect apply to photography. If you would like to take a picture of someone you don’t know, ask them first. (“May I take your picture” is also a great ice breaker). If someone asks not to have their picture taken, then don’t take their picture.
  • Taking pictures in the dungeon is off limits to everyone. This includes attendees, staff, and even the photography staff cannot take pictures in the dungeon. There is one exception to this rule which is an event where the Official Frolicon Photostaff ONLY will be taking pictures. We make sure it is well publicized before anyone enters that pictures will be taken.
  • Photography rules for hotel rooms are up to the owner of the room. If you are curious, ask before you enter. Rules of respect still apply.

We have a photo gallery up! If you would like to see your picture posted, please contact hugme: You can also comment on the photos but be respectful. No photography on this site may be duplicated somewhere else. These copies are owned by Frolicon. If you would like your own copy to put up you must contact the photographer who took the picture (the folders are named by the photographer).

Here is the gallery!

And now, A Note from your friendly Frolicon Staff Photographers

The Frolicon photo staff takes pictures to promote the convention. All photos taken by the official Frolicon photo staff belong to the convention and will be used for promotional materials for the convention only. Please understand that by registering for the convention you agree to having your photo taken, per the disclaimer on the back of the your badge.
The photo staff will be taking photographs in all areas other than the play room and certain adult classes. The Frolicon directors have asked us to capture natural shots rather than staged shots. To this effect, we may take photographs without calling attention to ourselves. Please look for pictures of your official photo staff (Thom, Fong and Dean) at the registration desk.
If you do not wish to be recognized, we recommend disguising your appearance.
Thanks for reading and we look forward to shooting you at the show.

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