Prepare to engage in mankind’s eternal struggle for festive supremacy! Pick an awesome theme and have a party on Saturday night. It’s a throw down, a show down, and, no, you can not slow down. Winner will be determined by a vote by Frolicon’s Party Judges, consisting of contest winners and a selection of notorious libertines. Kissing the Judges’ asses is highly encouraged. The winning party will be announced at “The Con in Review” panel and receive two passes and a room at Frolicon 2015 along with many accolades and fandom fame. In order to participate in the fight to end all fights, you *must* pre-register your party with Frolicon by contacting Parties BEFORE the convention.

Frolicon Party Rules

You’re at Frolicon to enjoy yourself; we’re here to help you do it safely and responsibly. Whether you’re having a party or attending one, please respect the hotel’s property, the law, the authority of our security team, each other, and yourself.

For everyone:

  • If your party is an open door party, meaning you welcome all attendees, everyone in attendance must have a Frolicon Badge.
  • If you get angry, sloppy, or stupid when you drink, don’t drink…or don’t attend.
  • If you have guests in the room, it’s still YOUR room, on YOUR credit card. Leave it the way you found it.
  • Here’s the catch-all rule: listen to our security team; they’re courteous, helpful professionals. If there’s a problem they can’t handle, they have radios to summon our courteous, helpful off-duty police officers.
  • If you blatantly break these rules or otherwise make an ass of yourself, your badge may be revoked, you may be ejected from the hotel, and you will be held responsible for your actions.
  • Relax. If you’re nice to the hotel and the people in it, and you enjoy yourself responsibly, you won’t even notice these rules.
  • For all those friendly, hospitable people who plan to throw parties, er, um ‘hospitality events':
  • E-mail us with your reservation info. We’ll make sure your room is in the right place, and we’ll go over the hospitality rules with you.
  • If you’re throwing a party to promote an event or group, e-mail Parties. We’ll get your information online.
  • Before your party opens, the Frolicon security team will stop by to introduce themselves. They’ll give the room a quick inspection, offer helpful suggestions, and tell you how to reach them if you need them.

Party Schedule
Amateur Party BattlesThe RevAmateur party battles include all themed parties held in a maximum of two rooms on Fri. night. They have been created as a way for new party throwers to cut their teeth on. If you're interested in throwing a smaller party on Fri.. Let beth@frolicon.comknow, and we'll put you on the list. There will be ballots for voting on the best amateurs in your registration bag. More to ComeFriVarious
Party Battle Contestant - Disney Dames After Dark PartyBig Mamma's House of BurlesqueJoin Big Mammas House of Burlesque performers in celebrating all your filthy fantasies about Disney dames and fairytale femmes. The party begins after the Burlesque show on Saturday night and runs until we've kissed enough frogs! Themed Jello shots and cauldrons brew will be available.Sat
Party Battle Contestant - GYFO Strikes Back PartyGYFO2 years ago at Frolicon 2012 we proved the freaks truly do come out at night especially for the unforgettable Get Your Freak On party thrown as a part of the evenings party battles. Now this Frolicon 2014 GYFO “Strikes Back” for its 2nd installment. This year’s GYFO theme is Star Wars hence “GYFO Strikes Back”. So come one... come all… as freaks of all kinds are welcome. Wear your freakiest sci fi, fetish, cosplay or anything Star Wars related for this party. Going to have freaky fun music provided by our awesome DJs Seraph & Engel, plenty of food, great drinks especially featuring or own special concoctions the “Freak" the “Punk” and “Aunt Flow” and host Regina Twist is holding freaky fun contests with prizes such as our one-of-a-kind GYFO 2014 Party T-shirts. Party starts at 9 pm and will go until sunrise. We are accepting donations for our party fund and a donation of $20 earns you one of our signature GYFO 2014 Party T-Shirts.Sat
Cupcakes & Courtiers Fundraiser Party Cupcakes and Courtiers The word "Revolution" travels in whispered rumours. Unrest grows. But still, the business of ruling a country must go on. And how else to rule but with all the opulence and grandeur of the Court of Versailles? On Friday night, choose your role, don your mask and come to Court. Are you here for the politics of war? The spectacle? The rumours? Did the queen really say "Let them eat cake?" Or perhaps you'd simply like to be tempted by a courtesan of the court. Whatever your ambitions, the House of Alighieri and the Known World Pirateslook forward to seeing them played out with that uniquely kinky flair that only you can provide. The "Cupcakes and Courtiers" Masquerade Ball awaits you. Coustumes are enjoyed. The Court has donated the proceeds of the evening to the needs of our dear Lady Redwitch. Please visit to purchase tickets to this event.Friday9:00pm - midnightPresidential Suite 1034
Together in Electric DreamsJonestown After DarkThe 80's were a time of funny hair, funny clothes, and a complete misunderstanding on Hollywood's part of how computers worked. Dress up in your 80's nerd finery so we can revel Together in Electric Dreams.Thursday10:00 PM-Presidential Suite 1034
Party Battle Contestant - The Slut PartyWant to take a walk on the slutty side? Silkyredstrandz and her friends from West Central Florida invite you to stop by the SLUT Party! This BYOT (Bring Your Own Toy!) event has a little bit of something for everyone. From a spanking bench, to beds, to a Sybian, and so much in between, we’ve got you covered. Potential sluts receive a “Slut Survival Kit” compliments of Astroglide and Wet featuring lube and condoms. Like a bit of TRUTH OR DARE? Grab a chip and find a Slut Facilitator for a naughty twist on this classic! Want to ride a bull? We’ve got a treat in a decadent 11.5 inch white bull for your fucking pleasure. Experienced tops skilled in rope, spanking, & impact play available, as well as experienced DMs allow you to explore your even sluttier side. A good slut loves a stiff drink, Pink Panty Pulldowns will be available. Saturday10:00pm - 2:00am
Fanny Hill PartyFannie Hill PartyTransport yourself back to an 18th century bawdy boudoir and come frolic with us in a naughty night inspired by the classic erotic novel Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (popularly known as Fanny Hill) about a naïve young London prostitute and her sexual exploits. Unlike the book, no one will be banned from this party, unless you don’t know how to have a good time. Participate in one of our various sensual games and maybeyou'll have a memoir to pen of your own. Party guest are also invited to play a game of "FANNY HILL" (Rules: Gentlemen will draw spades and ladies will draw hearts from a deck of playing cards. The king of spades and queen of hearts will "fornicate under consent of the king" while the rest of the court spectate). Like to play games? Or just like to watch? Then rewind, unwind, and come find the past & present combined and mankind & womankind intertwined! PERIOD COSTUMES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGEDSaturdayPresidential Suite 1034
Elevator Line PartyWHHLWHHLPresents The 3rd ELP - The Thirsty Games! Back for another year is the elevator line party... Shots galore... So take a shot while you wait to go up.. The shot servers may ask you to play a game for it.. Negotiate Well... Have fun and forget that there is line. Starts between 7-9pm and ends around 11pm on Saturday Night.. Or when the shots are done! So may the shots be ever in your favor.Saturday7:00pm - 11:00pmElevator Bay
Hair of the Dog PartyWHHLIf you plan on imbibing in the elixir of the gods on Friday night please remember that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction….and that might be a HANGOVER. No worries! Stop by the Hair of the Dog Party on Saturday morning for a hangover cure before you face the day. Knotley Crewe, carrying on the tradition began by Archer & Elegant, will be offering some historical remedies and modern day concoctions to help you get through Saturday at Frolicon: Screwdrivers, Blood Marys, Coffee, Vitamin B12, Icewater, Voodoo Bottles, Raw Eggs, Alka Seltzer, Dill Pickles, Bananas, Hair from Various Dog breeds as well as helpers like cartoons and sausage balls.Saturday9:30am - NoonRoom 722
Party Battle Contestant - American Horror StoryThe BrosLet our Bloody Face Drink slay you! Dark fetish attire, industrial music, scent of leather and lust!SaturdayTBDTBD
Queen of Hearts PartyThe BrosA night for the ladies. Everyone welcome. Play our Die of Love game. Slow jams after dark. Drink our Love PotionThursdayTBDTBD
Jocks & Jills Overtime PartyThe BrosIt was ahit last year so we brought it back. Wear athletic gear, dance/rave music. Quench your thirst with our Jockerade. Get whipped into shape with the Whip Cream gameFridayTBDTBD
SELF-Indulgent Pajama PartySELFWe party hard all weekend at Frolicon, but sometimes it's nice to get cozy, eat snacks, drink cocktails, play some guilty-pleasure party games, and watch feel-good movies in your pajamas! Let's get snuggly -- bring your favorite stuffed animal, pillow, and/or comfy blanket, show off your best pjs, and get ready for a fun and relaxing Friday night.Friday10:00pm - 2:00am12th floor Club Suite
Party Battle Contestant - Supervillains and Vixens PartySabrina Pandora and the FroliComicsWhen the Legion of Doom headquarters sinks into the swamp, what happens then? The Supervillains and Vixens Party! Bring on the bad guys and the brutal babes! Dust off your cape and your death ray, strap on your best battle armor and haul it up to the 12th floor party suite in the Club Room! LIVE DJ! THE HORROR OF OCCASIONAL VILLAIN KARAOKE! SUPERVILLAIN NETWORKING! LIQUID KRYPTONITE! SPANK A SUPERHERO CONTEST! HUNTING MUTANTS FOR FUN AND PROFIT! ESCAPE WONDER WOMAN'S LASSO OF TRUTH! The good times start at 9 PM, and will run until we run out of booze. And we'll be checking ID's at the door. Why Because we're evil, that's why!Saturday10:00pm - 2:00am12 floor Club Suite

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