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Frolicon 2021 Pre-Reg will open in January.

Got questions about Frolicon 2020? Check out the video from our FBLive Chat on Sept. 25th for some important info.

Not a member of the Frolicon (Official) Facebook page? You should be!

It's the best way to get the most up-to-date official information about your favorite kinky geeky con!


Not on FB? Here's a text based summary of our FBLive chat from the other day. Included is some new info about the hotel reservations/deposits so be sure to check that out.

- Frolicon 2020: Winter Edition (December 10th - 13th, 2020) has been officially cancelled. BOO

- Frolicon 2021 (May 20th - 23rd) is on track and planning for it has already begun.

- All Frolicon 2020 Pre-Registrations already purchased are automatically transferred to Frolicon 2021. No need to fill out any forms or make a formal request.

- Can't make Frolicon 2021? We'll be glad to honor your pre-reg for Frolicon 2022. Instructions on how to make that request coming at a later date.

- Fall 2021 dates are already being discussed if the May 2021 still looks unsafe to hold the convention. Those Fall 2021 dates are STRICTLY an In-Case-Of-Emergency deal and we hope we won't have need of them.

Let's talk Hotel stuff!

- If you still have a current booking at the Sheraton Atlanta for Frolicon 2020 you will be receiving ANOTHER email from the hotel with instructions on how to proceed.


- All current reservations will be transferred to the May 2021 dates.

- All CANCELLED reservations will remain CANCELLED. You will need to make new reservations if you plan to attend May 2021.

- Once the hotel has transferred all the reservations to the new dates they will reopen bookings. Not sure when that will be but we'll let you know ASAP.

Let's talk about what's next!

Frolicon (as all conventions) are expensive creatures! So to help up get through these lean months and be able to put on the biggest, most incredible 15th Annual Frolicon in May we're planning some things that will put the FUN in FUNDRAISER!

- Merch sales: We've got about twenty seven HUNDRED 15th anniversary shot glasses sitting in storage taking up space and just ASKING to be used for their intended purpose. We'll be getting them online and onsale soon so keep an eye out for them! We're looking at other fun merch for you to buy too. More info on that later!

- THE FROLI-THON! A Frolicon Telethon of sorts! In January (date TBD) we'll be hosting a weekend long FUNFEST full of entertainment, informative chats, and interactive goodies! And we will have some very special packages, events, and items for you to purchase. 1 on 1 classes with some of our amazing guests! Special VIP experiences! And (you're hearing it here first!) the return of the MARTINI PARTY!!!

- Online mini-events: Just for funsies...and because we miss your faces...we'll be hosting some great online events every couple of weeks from now until con time. Game nights, DJ parties, contests, workshops, and more! This Friday we'll let you know all about what October has in store!

Pinky promise we will be adding more info here and at the Facebook page as quickly as we can get it to you. We only ask for your patience and understanding while we navigate a difficult and ever-changing situation. Big socially-distant virtual hugs to all!!!