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Happy Monday Lovelies!!!! (it is Monday, right?)

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and warding off cabin fever! I know the isolation got to me a bit this weekend. I'm sure all of you are feeling it too.

Last week we chatted a bit about the hotel, reservations, and deposit returns. I hope we put your minds at ease in that respect.

Today we have some registration information for you! We are working on reworking the reg system so that we can begin switching everyone's pre-registrations to their preferred status but that's proving to be a slightly more in-depth process than we hoped.

So for now here's a bit of info for you to chew on. If you have purchased pre-registrations for 2020 you will be able to do one of the following:

- Use your pre-reg for Frolicon 2020: Winter Edition in December. And yes there will be a discount for those use their pre-reg for Frolicon 2020 AND buy a 2021 badge as well!

- Use your pre-reg for Frolicon 2021: May 20th - 23rd

- Retain a refund if you are unable to attend either Frolicon 2020 or 2021. Refunds can only requested for Frolicon 2020 pre-registrations and will be available for a limited time TBD.

- Transfer you pre-registration to another person. Purchasing a pre-reg from ANYONE other than Frolicon itself is done At Your Own Risk.

It's going to take us a month or two to get this all rolling as our current system isn't really set up for these types of changes. We're shooting to be able to release both the new room block AND pre-reg switch/purchases on May 1st...but don't hold it against me if it takes a bit longer, pretty please with sprinkles :/

IN THE MEANTIME!!!!! If you purchased a Frolicon 2020 Pre-Registration, either online or as an Early Bird at Frolicon 2019 you will be getting a QUESTIONNAIRE emailed to you in the next few days.

This questionnaire is an informal way for us to guage how many of you lovelies plan to move your pre-regs to 2021. That way we'll know how many NEW pre-regs to open up for 2020 purchase.

PLEASE keep an eye out for the email and respond before May 1st. We know it may only be a guess at this point. We know plans change. That's ok. We just want to ballpark it. Just give us your best guess.

We're working SUPER duper hard to get all this streamlined as clearly and simply as possible. But that takes time. So again we ask for patience. We don't expect to process ANY of the above options for at least a month and maybe longer. Just know we're working on it, we're thinking about you all, and hope everyone is staying safe and snug at home.