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A Message from Frolicon Organizers, March 19, 2020: 
Thank you so much for your patience while we work out all the details for this less-than-ideal situation!


New dates for Frolicon 2020 will be...

*** DECEMBER 10th - 13th ***

In the next week or so we'll have lots of information regarding how to transfer your badges to either the new 2020 dates OR to Frolicon 2021. Again P2P Transfers and refunds are currently not available.I have a little information about the hotel bookings and deposits. It is my understanding that all reservations currently held will be released and all deposits returned.This will allow the hotel to set up a new room block for us with the new dates. Basically we're gonna pretend the reservations were never made and we'll all just start from scratch.I DO NOT know how long any of this will take but I should get more information from the hotel very soon.PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL AT THIS TIME. They are flooded with a bajillion cancellations and postponements (like ours) and are working as fast as they can to process everything.We understand that this is rough (not in a good way). We're doing everything we can to make the situation less so. Give us some time to work out how to handle this very unique and cumbersome task. We hope to have the badge transfer machine up and running within the next 2 months. In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy, and know that we're working hard to make Frolicon 2020 happen for you!

I know many of you have started getting emails about your room reservations for Frolicon 2020 being cancelled. I asked the hotel to send me an official statement about the cancellations/deposits just to put everyone's minds at ease. Here's what they had to say:

1. All reservations have already been cancelled, they unfortunately cannot be moved to new dates.

2. Because there is a deposit on file, refunds will be processed and that could take 7-10 business days to complete

3. Any calls to the hotel answered “no” (to questions regarding deposit refunds) were because Marriott’s cancellation policy does not apply to group bookings, as that is up to the hotel and group to work out.  So they may still get told “no” if they call central just because there is no way to keep every call center agent abreast of all groups at all hotels globally The hotel also mentioned that there were several die-hard Froliconers with a penchant for being proactive who booked rooms on our December dates already. Here's what they said about those as well: Any that had booked over the dates you moved to, we cancelled them with an email explaining there was a “buy-out”. Basically in order for Frolicon to have the hotel to ourselves they've had to cancel any other reservations that are already booked on those dates. Since our room block isn't in place yet the hotel has no way to know whether a reservation on those dates is for us or not. You'll have to wait and rebook with the rest of us. We will be releasing a new room block with a new room booking link in about a month (shooting for May 1st, 2020). That should give us time to get everyone well informed and ready. So there you have it! Straight from the horse's mouth! Again we ask for patience with both the hotel AND the Frolicon staff. We're navigating in some brand new waters and they are VERY rocky waters indeed. 

Information about Pre-Registration options coming soon!