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How can you help Frollicon be the best it can be in October?

Frolicon 2021 is fast approaching and as we mentioned at the beginning of

this year, we would be keeping a close eye on the Covid-19 situation and

making some decisions on how to keep our con community as safe and

healthy as possible while doing our very best to keep this year’s event kinky

crazy fun!

After much consideration we have concluded that the best way to accomplish

these goals is to require proof of vaccination in order to attend Frolicon 2021. 

Our stance has always been that anyone choosing to not be vaccinated either

no purchase a 2021 Pre-Registration or transfer their Pre-Registrations to

Frolicon 2022.  So now we’re making it official.

Providing Proof of Vaccination is as easy as clicking the link below, answering

a few questions, and uploading a picture of your vaccination card.  Your

submission will be reviewed and if there are any issues or concerns you will

be contacted ASAP via email.

If you have been vaccinated, plan to attend Frolicon 2021, and do NOT

upload your Proof of Vaccination prior to the event you will be able to provide

proof on-site however this will make your badge pick-up take significantly

longer.  And if you happen to forget your proof or it is deemed unreadable,



TO FROLICON 2022.  So…just to be safe upload your proof now.

Closer to the event dates you will receive specific instructions via email on

how to proceed when on-site to pick up your badge.   

If are Pre-Registered already and you can NOT make it to the October event

OR are choosing not to be vaccinated, don’t fret!  You can transfer your badge

to the 2022 event being held May 12th – 15th.  Just use the link below to

complete the online form and POOF!  Through the magic of the internet your

2021 badge magically turns into a 2022 badge!


If you have a current room reservation at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel you can

cancel without penalty and rebook your room when the 2022 Room Block

opens later this year.

A few other items of interest for you:

- We will be allowing Day Passes at Frolicon 2021 this year. Those passes

can only be purchased on-site and will still require Proof of Vaccination.
Passes will be: 
Thurs Only : $60
Friday or Saturday Only : $90

- There are no Refunds on Pre-Registrations.

- Negative Covid Tests will NOT be considered acceptable for entrance in

Frolicon 2021.

- We will have MANY MANY MANY more detail about on-site safety

procedures, programming updates, and general Frolicon fun stuff soon!

From everyone at Frolicon we hope you and your loved ones are happy and

healthy and we look forward to seeing you very soon!