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Frolicon Gaming

Where people gather to wind down or wind up. A place where you can come to take a break, congregate, and relax before the next panel, scene, or play date. Everyone is welcome to bring their own games and share, whether the game be cards, boards, or even role-playing.We have games that are con favorites, some that are new, but all are available. Come play with us!

Some of our con favorites are:

Who's the Biggest Pervert?

Kind of like taking a Purity Test out loud with your friends. Whereas the vanilla community might look at this game differently, we know that the goal is to win and win big! Come challenge your friends and compete for the title of the Biggest Pervert!


Cards Against Humanity

Apples to Apples for adults with wacky, kinky senses of humor. A question gets asked or a statement requires completion and everyone has an answer. The fun part is trying to choose an answer that not only the judge will like, but everyone else will find hilarious. This game is for adults that can handle being offended at multiple levels and don't take things very seriously.

Circle Geek

Needing to wind down late in the day, just shooting the breeze about Kirk vs. Picard, Trek vs. Wars, or even Twilight vs. Lestat (shudder!)? Well the Circle Geek is for you! The Circle Geek is just a time that you can get your kinky geeks together and grouse about anything geek, kink, or kinky geek! Which is the better ship: Enterprise or Serenity? Or which is the better 'ship: Thor and Loki or Sherlock and the Doctor? Come on down and relax before you continue your nights of debauchery!

For our competitions and contests, we'll have a few of our standards and even a couple of new games to try out.

The Annual Settlers of Catan Tourney

Increased time limits and the popular strip rules are in effect with this classic Frolicon version of the popular game. Just remember, whenever the Robber Baron strikes, he'll take more than a resource and strips you of more than your cards! A party judging Pimp Cup is up for grabs!

The Ever Annual Strip Poker Tournament

Hosted by Jayme Matricyde, we'll still be using the Texas Hold-em style Rules will be as follows: Tournament follows standard Texas Hold ‘Em play until a player has no more clothes or chips to continue play. Players may turn in a garment of clothing for additional chips for amounts listed at the game itself. A player may continue to re-buy until they have no more clothing. A player may quit at anytime. However, once you stop, you’re done. The final 3 players qualify for Fabulous FroliCon Prizes, including one of the highly coveted Party Judging cups.

Strip Cards Against Humanity

This year, we're using the strip version of our favorite game. The rule is simple and easy: the last person to lay down a card loses an article of clothing! Come on down and enjoy it!


America has fallen. Repeat, America has fallen! If you played in the LARP last year, this is the system that was used for the game we enjoyed! This year sees an epic prequel game. Get in, grab the power you can or save what you can from the corruption and vice of dethroned oligarchy. Presented once again by the lovely, naughty people at Inkstained Succubus Productions, the Mortalus System will be used at FroliCon. This will be an evening TableTop game, with a hard R rating for violence, intrigue, and sexual content. This is designed for 4-8 players. New and experienced gamers are welcome.

Geek Track Panels and Events

Are you Geekier than a Geek?

Compete against our special panel of geeks for recognition and Frolicon prizes!

Fanfiction MadLibs

Work together with the attendees and guest writers to create the next, "best" fan-fiction phenomenon!

Live Riff of Zardoz

In the vein of MST3K, we present the "classic" Sean Connery Sci-fi movie, Zardoz! 

The Evolution of Sexuality in Media

Looking at how sexuality has evolved in Speculative and Fantasy Fiction.

The Current Geek Paradigm

Looking at current geek events such as inherent mysoginy, bullying, Gamergate, etc.

Check out the 2018 Schedule of Events! These are some of the great things we did in 2018. If you really enjoyed one of these panels or events, let us know! Keep checking back as we get closer to Frolicon for more updates on 2019!



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