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Writing. Art. Activism. Spirituality. Gaming. Dance. Massage. Pr0n. Costuming and all things that make Frolicon the eclectic meeting place of so many wonderful subcultures. You’ll find it here in the Think Track.

Think Track Mini Tracks:


Frolicon is delighted to have the LGBTQ Track back! Our Director, the lovely Regina Twist, brings us exciting and knowledgeable classes like How to Make Love To A Trans Person, Being Transgender In The Work Place, and Hair Care & Beauty. Please join us for what will surely be a great track once again.

Costuming Track

So you like to costume? Frolicon is the place for you! Whether it be Sci-Fi, Anime, Comics or BDSM, we want to see you in your finest. Lee, our Costuming Director, is working diligently to bring you a great lineup of classes and workshops. 

Ink Track

With as many creative people as we have at Frolicon it is no wonder that we have such a FABULOUS Ink Track. Trinity, Ink Track Director, has searched high and low and found an array of writers from Sci-Fi to BDSM, Romance to Erotica. You never know who will be found hanging out at the Writers Table. If you have ever thought… "I want to write a book", join our writers for not only instruction but for inspiration.

Polyamory Track

OK. So we don’t officially have a poly track but we might as well. We have some great classes this year ranging from the newbie level to the experienced. Check out our exciting classes.

Take a look at some of the wonderful programming in store for you. Of course these are working titles only, and some panels may change. Keep an eye on the website for developments as they happen.

Check out the NEW 2019 Schedule of Events! Keep checking back as we get closer to Frolicon for more updates!



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