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 Frolicon 2021 - October 14 - 17, 2021 - Pre-Reg Is Now Open!
But it won’t be for too much longer!  Get yours now!


Got questions about Frolicon 2021? Check out the video from our FBLive Chat on March 5th for some important info

Facebook Frolicon Update Video - 3/5/21

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Here's a quick and dirty summary of our FBLive chat from the other day

- Frolicon 2021 has been officially postponed until October 14th - 17th, 2021.  That's right!  It's gonna be a FROLIWEEN!!!!!

- All Frolicon 2020 and 2021 Pre-Registrations already purchased are automatically transferred to Frolicon 2021 in October. No need to fill out any forms or make a formal request.

- Can't make Frolicon 2021 in October?  Boo :(  Heh.  See what we did there?  We'll be glad to honor your pre-reg for Frolicon 2022 on May 12th - 15th.  Instructions on how to make that request coming at a later date.

-  Info on how to cancel or transfer current hotel reservations to the new dates in October will be coming soon as will when the block will be open for new reservations.  Keep checking back here and on the Frolicon (Official) FB page!


How can you help Frolly be the best it can be in October?

- GET YOUR VACCINATION!!!  Vaccines are becoming more and more available to everyone!  Make sure you're on top of your states guidelines and get signed up for your shot as soon as your eligibility opens!

- Frolicon is not currently requiring vaccinations to attend in October...but that may change based on a number of factors as we approach the event.  Please keep this in mind!  

- If you are physically and medically capable of receiving the vaccine for Covid and you are choosing NOT to be vaccinated please postpone your next trip to Frolicon until 2022.  We want to see your smiling faces as soon as possible but we can't have a safe (and as crazy fun as 2021 will possibly allow us to be) unless EVERY person who CAN be vaccinated IS vaccinated.  Information on how to transfer your 2020 or 2021 pre-registrations to our May 2022 event will be available soon.




Frolicon (as all conventions) are expensive creatures! So to help up get through these lean months and be able to put on the biggest, most incredible 15th (Not So Annual) Frolicon here's some retail therapy for you!

- Merch sales: We've got about twenty seven HUNDRED 15th anniversary shot glasses sitting in storage taking up space and just ASKING to be used for their intended purpose. Click the link above to buy one now!  You can even save some $$$ and pick them up at Frolicon instead of having them shipped to you!

- More merch like Tshirts and other goodies will be popping up in the next few months too so keep an eye out for them!

- Remember those amazing Martini Party fundraisers we use to have?! Well this year it's back!  And with a Birthday Party theme!  Celebrate the birthday you didn't get to have last year with cake, ice cream, clowns, balloons, streamers...who knows what else!  Tickets and information will be available soon.

- Pre-Registration for Frolicon 2022 will be opening early Fall so be ready for that too!